Urban Crafters was founded by Cheryl Wills in 2017, initially as a Pop-Up Shop.  Over the next 3 years this provided the opportunity for more than 50 local Crafters to sell their quality handcrafted products to the public in affordable CBD retail locations.

Then in 2020, along with a Barbara Bennett and Anne Marie Boyes, a small permanent Shop was opened at 250 George St, Dunedin.  This ran successfully for 6 months as a partnership with eventually 30+ Crafters becoming Vendors.

Now it is run as a Collective with 12 Members who are rostered in the Shop, selling a  wonderful selection of diverse products made by various Crafters from the Otago/Southland region.
And each year, there will still also be a Xmas Pop-Up Shop to accomodate those extra Crafters who wish to sell their handmade crafts just prior to Christmas.

About Urban Crafters


Makers - Want to sell?

We operate on a commission basis whereby Vendors pay a small weekly rental and commission on sales, for a term of three months at a time. If you are interested in showcasing your work, or want further info, send us a description of your craft and photos to urbancraftersdunedin@gmail.com.